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2014 Target: A race against time for Healthcare.

Posted by Natasha

race against time

There is now a strong requirement for NHS hospitals to have electronic patient records working by April 2014 in order to meet the data flow requirements. This requirement has been set by the NHS Commissioning Board towards making the NHS paperless by 2018.

Health secretary, Jeremy Hunt declared to the Policy Exchange think-tank the need to transfer all records on to an electronic system across health and social care by 2018.

Mr Hunt has put into place a number of stages to meet the 2018 target, which includes placing electronic records into hospitals and making referrals paperless by 2015.

Colin Sweeney, director of ICT at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has responded to Hunt’s goal as being “ambitious” due to the number of things that paper is used for within hospitals. He said that some paper records can be quite difficult to digitize including signatures and diagram-drawings.

The move to ‘Paperlite’ for NHS Trusts can easily be achieved with the help of MDT’s innovative Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions enabling the digitization of all paper records, and can solve the issue of drawings with our drawing conversion services through our Client Services , Products and Solutions.

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