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West Berkshire Council seek surveying services.

Posted by SheilaSurveying schools

MDT has been working with West Berkshire Council for over 10 years on several projects, with the latest requirement to survey, plan and deliver accurate floor plans for Schools within the area.


Royal Ascot: Our 15th year and still going strong.

Posted By NatashaRoyal Ascot

Another year of Royal Ascot races brings together the ever-growing relationship between Ascot Racecourse and MDT.


Why move to ‘Paperlite?’

Posted by Natasha paper vs electronic

Why not move to ‘Paperlite?!’ is the question I pose to you! Who would not want to diminish the masses of paper documents piled up and actually allow their employees instant access to electronic forms of documentation they specifically require.


Councils striving to save money.

Posted by Sharonemoney savings

Sir Albert Bore, The leader of the largest council in the UK said it was looking to make a total of £600 million savings by 2017, with £120 million in 2013 alone.


2014 Target: A race against time for Healthcare.

Posted by Natasha

race against time

There is now a strong requirement for NHS hospitals to have electronic patient records working by April 2014 in order to meet the data flow requirements. This requirement has been set by the NHS Commissioning Board towards making the NHS paperless by 2018.