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Document Quality Services

Our state of the art technology ensures that every electronic image produced is of the highest possible quality, and can be fully integrated into your digital management or filing system.

Our Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR) ensures all documents scanned are word searchable across the entire document.

Companies are keen to develop high quality digital documentation from the many lesser quality documents they have, due to the huge efficiencies and cost savings to be gained.

Using advanced Thresholding Technologies, we can scan your sensitive or valuable documents, remove speckles blemishes crease marks and even coffee stains to restore documents to their original as new condition.

Documents can also be Post Processed to remove scrawled notes and comments, and missing data such as obliterated text can be re-entered. We are able to scan documents of very poor quality, such as hand written invoices, and to recognise potential errors in the document and automatically correct them. For instance a hand written 5 could be a 6 or the other way round, but on scanning the entire document,we can deduce the correct number and insert this to ensure 100% accuracy.

Through flexible templates we can capture specific field data, for example from different invoice layouts from multiple suppliers.