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MDT Invoice Processing


Minimize costs by automating your Invoice Processes

MDT Invoice Processing is a single ‘start-to-finish’ solution, enabling organisations to benefit from a compelling ROI, together with measurable business efficiency improvements for the AP process.

It allows you to capture your data from multiple layouts, runs legal conformity checks and extracts the data. It matches the invoice with the appropriate purchase or contract and routes the information to the cost centre staff responsible for review and approval. MDT Invoice Processing also allows you on-line access to your invoice data, so that the current status of any invoice can be tracked or prior processes can be reviewed at any time, which also ensures compliance with regulations.

Benefits include:

  • The increase in workforce productivity
  • The improved workflow processes
  • The reduction in time spent processing invoices
  • The ability to track invoices
  • The avoidance of late payments
  • The reduction in errors

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