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An EDMS tailored to your specific requirements

MDT’s Document management system (onSITE) can help you capture, manage, share and store all types of documents including files, manuals and CAD drawings electronically so you have complete governance over your department’s information. onSITE allows you to connect with your GIS as well as your Asset Management so all information is unified allowing you to manage the operation, maintenance and repair of facilities.


Specifically designed for departments of Estates, Facilities and Property Services, our groundbreaking piece of technology provides multiple benefits, including:

  • An easy way of storing, managing, accessing information
  • Increases workflow efficiency
  • Eliminates the switching of applications speeding up decision-making
  • Delivers substantial ROI
  • Fully ODBC compliant

The suite of Asset Management information and collateral available can be configured to suit most Building and Estates Management requirements.

For more information, view our onSITE© datasheet