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MDT Barcode Recognition

Barcode Recognition provides a simple and cost effective way of capturing, communicating and tracking information on documents, objects and people. Our solution can be used for small, medium or large enterprises to streamline their processes.

Examples of Barcode Recognition implementation:

Our solutions can be used in many departments of an organisation, such as Accounts, Human Resource and Occupational Health. Examples include:

  • Healthcare: A patient ID barcode is used on all associated documents relating to that individual- blood test result etc. This provides an easy and secure way of capturing patient medical information.
  • Manufacturers and distributors: Barcode is used to track production process, parts, shipping, and warehousing.
  • Retailers: Used for inventory control, purchasing, point-of-sale checkout, and sales analysis.
  • Finance: Used for processing invoices, whereby a recipient can simply scan the barcode to automatically capture all invoice data.

Barcode Recognition benefits:

  • Automatically populates index values and eliminates the need for users to manually enter data
  • Data that is entered automatically is much less likely to be entered incorrectly.  It will always be entered in an accurate, reliable and consistent format
  • Increased document processing speeds
  • Certain barcodes also contain checksums, which detect errors within the barcode, thus ensuring that the barcode itself isn’t misinterpreted. 

Image formats supported: BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG and multipage TIF and PDF.

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