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Document Management Solutions

EDMS – The small investment that drives very large cost savings.

“Office workers can waste up to two hours a day looking for misplaced paperwork – at total of 500 hours (62.5 days) per year.” (TN)

MDT can solve this problem through their Document Management Solutions, which not only helps staff to find what they want when required but also saves a significant amount of time, money and effort.

MDT’s Document Management Solutions allows an organisation to consolidate all of their core information into an electronic central repository, which can be access at any time. Information that is placed into this system can make life significantly easier for users, as they are able to find any document they require in a matter of seconds.

Our solutions can help a single area of the business such as Human Resources and Accounts Payable or an entire organisation, depending on your requirements.

Examples of some of our solutions include:-

  • Large University Campus Estates and Facilities department saved 3 man-days every week with onSITE© as people now have a single location for all information.
  • A large NHS Trust Occupational Health Records Management department becomes a simple easy task with onRECORD-OH©, delivering huge staff efficiencies.
  • A large public events venue and racecourse used onSITE© to store manage and control all of the annual changes to their buildings and temporary structures.