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MDT Output Management

An easy, cost effective solution that controls and manages mail output

MDT Output Management allows organisations receive raw or formatted data from a variety of sources, transfer and then transform the data into professional, easy to read business documents. It enables you to gain complete control of managing your documents.

Output Management 

Examples of where Output Management would be used might be reformatting business documents to improve the design, add customer specific marketing messages, or specific product information.

The benefits of Output Management include:

  • Ensures the right mail is delivered to the intended recipient in the format required.
  • Capture output from your legacy application in a variety of ways including file submission or through a virtual printer, so normally no changes will be required to your legacy applications.
  • Modify standard printed output into the format required e.g. add or remove fields, incorporate logos, change fonts, add signatures or bar-codes.
  • Allow users to view documents electronically.
  • Reduce ERP implementation time.

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